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All of our meals are prepared right here in our kitchen.  Miss Carol, our cook, and Mr. Marcus, her assistant, serve a light breakfast, a full hot lunch and a healthy snack every day.  Miss Carol is famous for her secret recipes that entice children to try all types of vegetables-but her specialty is broccoli, or as one of her three year old fans calls it: broccori…

Trip to Farms View Road Stand

Each fall we visit the Farms View Road Stand in Wayne, NJ.

The children have a pumpkin cookie and juice snack before boarding the wagon for a hayride out into the pumpkin patch.  The children each pick a pumpkin to bring home and then visit the farm animals before heading back to school.

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Swimming Safety Tips

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As we come to the close of an AWESOME, FUN-FILLED SUMMER CAMP at Community Day Nursery, I would like to remind parents of some very important safety tips for the children participating in the swimming lessons.

  • Children were introduced to the beginning stage of swimming only. While the children did extremely

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    well during instruction, YOUR CHILD CANNOT SWIM.
  • During swim instruction children wore life vests or floating belts AT ALL TIMES.  They should continue to wear these protective devices.
  • Children should never run, jump, push, or any other type or horseplay near a pool.
  • Always provide competent adult supervision when children are near water. NEVER leave a child unattended in or near a pool.
  • Keep rescue devices and first aid supplies near the pool. A floating shepherds crook is useful.
  • Teach children what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Children should always stay clear of drains in the pool.

Many local agencies offer individual and group swim lessons.  Parents may continue the swimming experience for the entire family.  Safety is always our first concern.  Hopefully, these tips will help your family enjoy safe, pool fun!

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